Quality Department: excellence and organization are important for the Automotive industry
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High-quality standards as the result of meticulous controls and analysis

Seristudio's production is connected to the automotive market and related regulations and policies.

The company's main Customers are suppliers of components for European car manufacturers, whose products are almost intended for exportation. In the Automotive industry, the organization of the quality department is a must. The Automotive market is one of the most regulated sectors.

So, every item produced by Seristudio must meet precise and strict supply specifications.

The automotive industry requires most production efficiency and superior quality of the products to make sure competitiveness.

Seristudio is committed to identifying any possible cause of nonconformity and takes any possible action to correct and prevent them.

Seristudio is one of the best in the industry, with its continuous internal improvement process. Process analysis, which consists in acquiring significant data and processing them, together with periodic audits (both internal and of our suppliers), ensures high-quality standards.

The company' Staff draws up the control plans and process flow and devises the possible corrective and preventive actions. Seristudio organizes periodic meetings with the various department managers to check the problems that may arise during this stage.

One of Seristudio's major goals is to prevent any possible risk related to each specific process. So, controlling the production process is an essential aspect for the company.

Over the years, Seristudio has been able to combine inspections carried out on the systems with those carried out by qualified technicians, who still work with certified instruments.

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